Just want to say how beautifully crafted Lionel’s piece about Chris Baldwin was.

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The link to the 2015 episode felt like a real blast from the past!

TCP was my gateway into having any understanding of pro cycling back in 2014. Those early day pods really helped me understand many of the nuances of pro cycling and the races; reconciling the tainted past, the beauty and drama of it all. The news roundup included so many names that I remember fondly. Tinkoff - I miss those jerseys...

Hearing Richard speaking about another chap who has passed too early.... poured a wee dram and uttered a silent toast.

Lionel's young and spritely voice was a joy to hear and a reminder that time has a funny way of passing all too quickly.

Cheers to an exciting and competitive race Sunday and to Lionel, Daniel and the rest of the team for continuing to produce thoughtful and engaging content 🍻🥃🚴🏻

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